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And After 17, More Primes Surface

Last week, the web site reviewed was about Prime Curios, which is a large catalog of trivia and interesting mathematical facts about numbers of all types (with the idea of primeness sneaking in on every opportunity).

The above site is an appendage of the much larger web site The Prime Pages, organized by Chris Caldwell (University of Tennessee at Martin). It includes everything you would ever want to know about what is known about prime numbers.

Its general categories are:

  • A data base about the 5000 largest known primes and several smaller ones...updated hourly!
  • Understandable explanation of the mathematical theory underlying the search for large primes.
  • On-line routines for checking the primality of a number (reasonably small).
  • Overview of conjectures and open problems relating to primes, especially the Riemann Hypothesis.
  • A myriad of links to other prime resources that discuss the history or primes, programs for producing primes, the general theory of primeness, and more
  • Both a glossary and a useful FAQ relating to prime numbers.
Enjoy...and you might want to re-explore the two previous reviews of prime-related websites, namely Carlos Rivera's website and the website devoted to the Mersenne Prime Hunt.