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A Blog That Makes Sense

In the past, I have suggested a variety of blogs. It is time to suggest one that perhaps has greater merit.

The website MathNotations basically is a blog on a wide range of mathematical topics, with a special focus on discussions, challenges, problems, interviews, resources, and opinions.

The creator of the web site is Dave Marain (NJ), a recently-retired mathematics teacher and Supervisor of Mathematics. If you attend regional or national mathematics education conferences, you probably have heard Dave give a talk or two. Or, you might recognize his name from his responses on-file in The Math Forum...or even his attempts to keep journalist Jay Mathews in check.

In selecting material for his blog (aimed at mathematics teacher in grades 7-12), Dave searches for "fully developed math investigations that are more than one inch deep" with a constant emphasis on conceptual development.

By poking around this web site, you can finds things like:

  • Discussion of our poor teaching of the triangle inequality
  • Commentary on Eve Andersson's Pi Trivia Game (and link)
  • Interview with Lynn Steen, a great author and a "driving force for the reform of school mathematics"
  • Pedagogical suggestions for teaching advanced algebra (whatever that is currently defined as...)
  • Student misconceptions---involving algebra manipulations, percents, fractions, ...(insert your own topic)
Plus, to complement and extend his own commentary, Dave provides links to many other mathematically-related blogs. Your time will not be wasted by starting with Dave's website...regardless where you end up!