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If you teach calculus (AP, non-AP, etc.), you are probably in constant search for interesting problems and ideas to share with your students. Many calculus-focused web sites exist, with varying approaches--interactive visual displays, AP-specific review problems, tutorials, blogs, and general source of review problems. As expected, the quality of these web sites varies considerably.

The website Calculus-Help.com is an example and it can be recommended for several reasons. Be aware, however, that the web site is trying to sell related books and has not be updated since 2005.

The things you will find in this web site include:

  • Some interesting, non-trivial calculus problems (searchable by topic) in its archives
  • A limited number of tutorials that are okay
  • An interactive "cheat-sheet" of formulas, etc....that is little more than a moving "back-of-the-book"
  • A collection of songs that students seem to enjoy, such as "The Quadratic Formula Song" and "The AP Calculus Theme Song"
  • Three Holiday Carol songs that evoke calculus terms
  • And some useful links to other calculus web sites
Again, the best part is the collection of challenging problems....though I expect you may start with the music.

The web site was the creative product of W. Michael Kelley, who used to teach calculus in Maryland. After trying his hand at creating this web site and writing calculus-related texts, he has moved on to other things. Nonetheless, his web site remains and is ready for your use.

Finally, if you teach calculus and have a web site that you find useful, please send it's link to me, along with your reasons for why it is useful.