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Calculus...More Help!!

Two weeks ago, a calculus-focused web site was discussed, along with its visual tutorials, problem sets, and some calculus-based songs. Other calculus sites have been reviewed earlier (please search the Archives...), as they included interactive Applets and problem sets.

Each time I teach calculus, I suggest the following websites to my students along with these brief comments:

  • Web site #1: A good place to look for help…at first panic and for review
  • Web site #2: A well-respected site with a lot of information about everything pertaining to calculus
  • Web site #3: Calculus tools (e.g. calculus calculators for seeing and doing and doing calculus)
  • Web site #4: Graphics to illustrate calculus concepts and processes…plus other fun experiments
  • Web site #5: Links…ideas…help….examples….and more links
  • Web site #6: An interesting title and twist on things…..with some helpful ideas and support
  • Web site #7: Exactly what it says….calculus lessons that can be explored at home…plus much more
  • Web site #8: Can be helpful on explaining beginning ideas in calculus
  • Web site #9: Interesting title of "mathnerds"…and some interesting information
  • Web site #10: Maximizing the box's volume problem, plus a lot more
  • Web site #11: Not where I get my exam questions…but it can provide some good practice and more than fifty other calculus links
  • Web site #12: Sample problems, tutorials, and connections to physics/sciences
  • Web site #13: Having a hard time “seeing” the underlying concepts…this site might help
  • Web site #14: Need some practice problems or insights
  • Web site #15: UBC Course site that has some interesting and helpful “in class simulations”
  • Web site #16: One professor’s attempt to summarize difficult concepts (probably half of it applies to derivative-related content and the rest to integral-related content)
  • Web site #17: Tons of information about calculus…some you want to know, some you probably do not
  • Web site #18: Tutorials, problems, even the Quadratic Formula song
  • Web site #19: Some helpful simulations, problems and the I Will Survive song…all set up by a high school AP Calculus class
  • Web site #20: Free help on calculus questions……but maybe not “your” questions
  • Web site #21: Archive of interesting and challenging calculus problems
Now, I have no idea if these web sites are ever accessed by my students. But, I do know that when I send an e-mail with a suggested web site link to these same students, most of them check the link out. Guess it is the difference between overwhelming quantity and implied quality.