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A "Function"-al Site

Wolfram Research has done it again with their release of a new web site called the Wolfram Finctions Site, claiming to be a compendium of 87,160 formulas and 10,828 visualizations. By design, it is a free resource for the educators, mathematicians, and scientists.

Relative to the teaching of secondary mathematics, the key attraction is the vast amount of information provided regarding the elementary functions: power, exponential, logrithmic, trigonometric, inverses, and some variations such as the hyperbolic functions. Through the use of a HTML version of Mathematica, the information provided is not only both symbolic and graphical, but also includes options for users to adjust key paramenters to see the effects. For example, the SQRT function alone includes 128 related formulas and 230 visualizations.

A special feature is the "Function of the Day," which for most visitors will involve the introduction of a "new" function. On my first visit to this site, I lucked out as the special function was the Zeta Function. The site developers perhaps should have added the additional feature of a game element, first showing site visitors a view of the function without its corresponding symbolic notation, to see if it can be identified. I would lose!

As a final note, if you have not visited Wolfram's other site MathWorld, please visit it and bookmark it. Some consider it to be perhaps the best math wed site on the Internet. In my use of it, I find that it has something to say about almost anything mathematical, complete with links for coss-referenced terms. However, I quickly note that this does not mean everything the site says is understandable to many visitors (again, such as myself...but it is usually a fun visit).

Source: Wolfram Functions Site link