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The Answer to "Where Can I Find...?"

Mathematics Departments at many colleges and universities offer web sites filled with useful information related to mathematics and mathematics education. It is not possible to provide reviews of all of them, but I want to bring attention to those that offer information that is comprehensive, unique, and/or interesting.

One such web site is On-Line Math Center hosted by Whatcom Community College. Created by Doug Mooers et al as part of a NSF project, it is designed to be a FREE resource for both teachers and students.

Please investigate and use these areas on the web site:

  • FAQ's in response to common student questions and misunderstandings (responses are in pdf format)
  • Free on-line mathematics courses for those inspired to extend their understanding
  • Got a question...here's a website that addresses that question
  • Links to information about applications of mathematics (including humor, the theater, balloons, and juggling)
  • Sources of real data that students can access, manipulate, and interpret
  • Interesting demonstrations of mathematical ideas via the software Live Math
  • Links to a wide variety of teaching resources specific to mathematics
  • A great many links to puzzles and recreational mathematics
  • Mathematics events, such as contests, workshops, and conferences
As you can see, the On-Line Math Center is very comprehensive...I defy you search out every suggested link! nonetheless, plan on using it often and sharing it with others (teachers and students).

And as a side trip or recommendation, look at Will Weber's website. He is a very creative mathematician/teacher, who makes mathematics ideas both alive and enjoyable.