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Putting the "Teacher" Back in "You"

Trying to ride on the coat tails of the phenomenon known a You-Tube, Teacher Tube is a "safe" venue for teachers to share instructional ideas. Launched in early 2007, the web site has grown and now has a considerable stock of videos of varying merit (and submitted by an international audience). You will have to check it out yourself to judge its success or educational value....be aware that it is quite slow.

As some related information regarding the Teacher Tube web site, it is best to join as a community member so that you can:

  • Attach educational activities, assessments, lesson plans, etc. to a video
  • Join video groups around a common subject, such as mathematics
  • Upload your own videos, which can be marked for either public or private broadcast
Be sure to check out its special mathematics Channels, especially the Texas Instrument Real World Math Contest. The latter is all student work, being video efforts to show how we use mathematics every day.

A side note...Using its search capabilities, I discovered that there are (ignoring overlap) 180+ videos dealing with mathematics, 1000+ videos dealing with math, 790+ videos dealing with algebra, 370+ videos dealing with geometry, 30+ videos dealing with probability, 40+ videos dealing with statistics, and 450+ videos dealing with problems (not all mathematical!).

One refreshing note: The Teacher Tube web site is monitored, which eliminates the countless number of tiresome cellphone videos of students acting up in mathematics classes. This rudeness has to stop!