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Applet a Day Keeps Math Misunderstandings Away

Manipula Math With Java offers about 280 interactive, animated applets connected with the mathematics of interest to students (7-14) and all who are interested in mathematics (hopefully these groups are not disjoint).

Applets are offered in the following areas:

  • Middle school mathematics -- 91 applets
  • Trigonomety -- 25 applets
  • Calculus -- 64 applets
  • Vectors -- 29 applets
  • Complex numbers -- 23 applets
  • Conics -- 9 applets
  • Miscelleaneous -- 38 applets, which includes transformations, fractals, Pascal's triangle, geometry, quadratics, equation systems, etc....even a slide rule!
You need to look at each applet and decide how it would help clarify/solidify a concept...plus how you would use it (i.e. as a demonstration, a student exploration, a tool, etc.). Some of the applets are good and useful, and some are of lesser value.

This software is offered by a company called International Education Software (IES), which deals "with research, development, import, and sales of software for mathematics education" on a world-wide basis. Go to the IES home page if you would like to obtain the same applet software in Japanese...or even a dynamic geometry program (think Geometers Sketch Pad) in Japanese.