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Do You Listen to the NPR Math Guy?

The Internet offers so much in the areas of mathematics and mathematics education...that I often find it difficult to decide which web site to review of recommend (and I do try to do some quality control). Some times, like this week, it is best to rely on known elements.

Keith Devlin, "The NPR Math Guy," is a good resource..whether you read his articles, MAA columns, books....or even listen to his pod casts. The latter are offered occasionally as part of National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Saturday.

I am suggesting these podcasts because they may not only may be of interest to you, but with the hope that you might share them with your students. Some examples are:

  • Hard Day's Night: A Mathematical Mystery Tour. Mathematical analysis of the opening chord and other Beatles music
  • Doing the iPod Shuffle. Does the iPod randomizer really select songs randomly?
  • Can Math Settle a Fight over Fish Size? The dispute over the world record Muskie catch.
  • Mathematics of the Supreme Court
  • The Math Gene - an innate ability to do mathematics
  • The mathematics of the book The Bible Code
This is just a sample of the topics available. They hopefully will motivate you to check some of the pod casts out...

If you want more of Keith Devlin and his ideas, you might visit his web site at Stanford University...or even check out his other streaming videos/audio on the Web. He has just published two books....I do not think he ever sleeps....