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10-Minute Math

Some of you may remember the pi-rap-video suggested last year. It was the creation of Nathan Shields, a mathematics teacher at Fort Vancouver High School (WA), and a former student of mine.

Nathan has now put together his own creative web site, called 10-Minute Math. Its focus seems to be to provide short videos that explore creative sides of mathematics, with a few tangential elements.

Some diverse things of interest to secondary mathematics teacher that are currently available on the web site:

  • The video A Mandelbrot the Size of the Known Universe
  • A teacher-made video about teaching slope
  • Instructions for boosting the processing speed of a TI-86 by a factor of 3
  • A dynamically-controlled millipede
  • A visual connection of the Golden Spiral to the arrangement of the seeds on a sunflower
  • Frog-Jump game that can be explored using a mathematical strategy
  • Instructions for building an inexpensive document camera for use with an LCD projector
  • A classroom timer that could prove useful in certain situations
And the content continues to grow gradually.

Well done, Nathan!