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Student Blogs on the History of Mathematics

One of my passions is the history of mathematics, thus my delight when I recently discovered a new phenomena....young students blogging their thoughts about the history of mathematics.

Their efforts are quite recent, but I applaud the start. All of them are students at Yogyakarta State University in Indonesia, so maybe this is part of a "multi-year" project. When browsing the blogs, you need to look past the English language errors (see NOTE below) and some mathematical misunderstandings (eg. Hilbert was a famous mathematician sharing key problems in 1900, not Hill Bert...and I doubt that the Ancient Greek mathematician Diophantus lived in Scotland).

Many students are involved, but I will discuss only three students with their linked blogs:

  • The first is Ahmad Halimy Nugroho, an eighteen-year-old student at . His blog site is aptly called Mathematics is My Way of Life. Are any of your stduents investigating the history of trigonometry formulae, the meaning of open-ended problems, or the interplay of the Pythagorean Theorem and the Pythagorean's discovery of irrational numbers.
  • The second is Tutik Shahida-Yanti, who is struggling with both the technology and the English language when expressing her thoughts. Her blog site is aptly called History of mathematic with Tutik_Shahida_Yanti"P.Mat NR'08". Look at her summary list of aspects of famous ancient mathematicians.
  • The third is Anisa Istiqomah, an eighteen-year-old student of a Mr. Marsigit. Her blog site is aptly called Cross the Past With Mathematics. Two things become apparent from her blog. First, you will notice how her educational coursework has a different flavor than that in the United States. And second, look at her links on her profile page....which identify other students as well (many not in English).
How many 18-year-old students do you know that have a blog about the history of mathematics, let alone mathematics itself. Maybe it is an idea you might promote....I can see it now, thousands of students with their MySpace and FaceBook pages linked around the common element of the "history of mathematics"...or I will even settle for "mathematics."

NOTE: I did a search on Dr. Marsigit. As a mathematics educator at Yogyakarta State University in Indonesia, he is using these blogs as a way to get students to communicate in English....but also it mathematics as well. He seems to be a busy person, being quite involved in lesson study and maintains five other blogs as well!