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Mathematical Poetry

To some, mathematics is cold and austere. To others (with probably some overlap), mathematics has little connection with the non-visual arts. But, luckily, some disagree with all of this...and are willing to prove it.

The web site allpoetry.com offers poetry written with a mathematics theme. More than forty-five examples are available, with titles such as:

  • Algebra Can't Explain Length When Feelings Are Included
  • Math Homework
  • Humble Pi
  • Potential Hazard of Advanced Mathematics
  • Cat in the Math
  • Apathy
  • Mathematical Equation Went Wrong
  • The Golden Section
  • Prime Time
Be forewarned that a few of the poems use quite strong language.

So, why not write some mathematics poetry yourself...or have your students write some. If you send me the results, I can possibly post them!