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Is Geometry Useful?

David Eppstein, Computer Science Professor at the University of California-Irvine, coordinates the interesting web site Geometry in Action. As David explains, the web site explores instances when "ideas from discrete and computational geometry (meaning mainly low-dimensional Euclidean geometry) meet some real world applications."

Each application is briefly described plus raises some related geometric questions. The web site is organized by specific application or a significant general technique in geometry.

For example, these categories probably are of interest:

  • Geometric references and techniques
  • Interpolation and surface reconstruction
  • Architecture
  • Computer aided design and manufacturing
  • Solid modeling and constructive solid geometry
  • Computer graphics
  • Virtual reality
  • Video game programming
  • Cartography and geographic information systems
  • Biochemical modeling
  • Medical imaging
  • Astronomy
  • Scientific computation
  • Robotics and Computer vision
  • Grasp planning
  • Sociology
  • Earth sciences
  • Timber processing
  • Windowing systems
Thanks David....for providing a useful web site for mathematics teachers.