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Revisiting Websites To Like and Use...At Least By Myself!

One final suggested website...view the recent release of the NOVA program The Great Math Mystery (2015). Its aim is to investigate the question: Is math invented by humans, or is it the language of the universe? It has some quality parts, but occasionally engages in hyperbole. At the very least, it should create further discussions.

In the past ten years, MathNEXUS has provided overviews of a wide range of websites...some directed at teaching mathematics, some directed at mathematics, and some...well, let's say they are unusual.

The following highlights some of these past overviews of website and their corresponding links:

This "restricted" list of suggested websites does not demean those not mentioned, but it should give a good flavor of the many websites reviewed...and encourage you to explore the Archives section carefully. But, be prepared for a long night, weekend, or summer!