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I Say Loci

Loci is the online publication of MathDL (for Mathematical Sciences Digital Library), maintained by the MAA. Loci is the on-line, electronic merging of three former MathDL publications: The Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, Digital Classroom Resources, and Convergence. Its content is constanly expanding, and is searchable. For example, when writing this review, the feature articles were:

Be aware that the mathematical level, at times, seems to go up through differential equations. But, the resources are so rich that I am certain (alpha = 99%) that you will find things (emphasis on the plural) of value on this web site.

Give special attention to other information being made available as well. For example, the department Convergence provides a great many resources specific to the inclusion of historical aspects in the teaching of mathematics. And, the department Resources offers free learning materials on diverse mathematical topics, each having been classroom tested and peer reviewed.