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Had Your Nugget of Neatorama Today?

It is always great to find out little tidbits of information (i.e. future trivia?) that can be shared with others. At times, these tidbits vary from the modern events to bizarre events to bizarre ideas to creative ideas. Even better, they might deal with mathematics!

If you are looking for tidbits like this, a good resource is Alex Santoso's blog Neatorama. He created it in 2005 to provide "some juicy little nuggets of 'wowness'."

The link Neatorama includes a flag that directs you to mathematics-oriented "wowness." If you want to broaden your interests to other areas, his website includes more than 35 other categories. Plus, you can search...for example, a search using the word "math" produces links to more than 500 nuggest of "wowness."

A neat thing about the blog is that anyone (including you) can write brief articles and have them posted on the Neatorama site, under the heading of "Upcoming Que." Then in a manner similar to the blog Digg, readers' votes can help push a posted article to the front page...or the editors themselves can provide this push. Thus, the blog is the result of many contributors.

You can visit the website regularly (i.e. daily!) or you can get a RSS feed for regular updates. Either way, you will be armed to share some "wowness" and enlighten your next conversation.