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Making Visual Mathematics Visual

Visual Mathematics (VM) is a FREE on-line journal published by the Mathematical Institute in Belgrade. Its Editor is Slavik Jablan. Sounds cut-and-dried, right...

Consistent with the goals of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry (ISIS-Symmetry), Visual Mathematics provides a forum for dialogue between artists and scientist. It publishes original works such as mathematical research papers with new results, artistic papers with new visual information, mathematics-education papers with new methods, mathematical-historic papers with new interpretations, and survey papers with new approaches.

Overall, the main goal of Virtual Mathematics is to "show the BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS in a broad artistic-scientific context...[plus] correct the negative tendency that led to the unpopularity of mathematics in school and the lack of public understanding of this field." Note-worthy!

Browse through:

  • The 11+ years of journal articles that are available...many of which will "wow" you!
  • Links to articles, exhibition brochures, etc. that focus on the fascinating world that occurs when art and mathematics interact
  • Information about past and future conferences that focus on visual mathematics
The first suggested browse will take the longest, while the second suggested browse includes the most mind-jarring information.