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MATHguide With a Gaming Flavor

The website MATHguide has been around since about 1999, and has multiple flavors. It is managed by Mark Karadimos, a high school administrator in Berwyn, IL, who also teaches algebra and geometry.

The "educational" goals of MATHguide are to (1) help students, parents, educators and community members as they pursue mathematics education and (2) to provide exciting new methods, a growing source of mathematical information and a forum for learning mathematics.

The content is varied in quality, but worth browsing through:

  • Mathematics lessons in the areas of algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus
  • Assessment resources, called quizzmasters, that are quite closed and drill-oriented, called quizmasters
  • Free use of a bulletin board system called the HELP Center, which allows students to post questions, teachers to share lessons, and participants to post responses...browse as it has some interesting ideas!
  • Tutorials that focus on Evaluating Teachers, School Discipline, and Effective Webpage Design
  • Research materials, plus some interesting external links for educators
  • Classroom resources for teachers, such as tutorials, exercise sheet generator, mathematics assessments, review games, calculators, practical lessons, and research
  • Student resources such as an article "Why Learn Math?", calculators, projects, and puzzles
  • "Gaming" resources such as gaming activities, research, books, films, and games...all connected to mathematics education
So why am I not totally excited about this website? First, the site needs to be updated, as I found little material posted after the year 2007 (see the "What's New" link). Second, the flavor is inconsistent...advocating some reform ideas, yet providing "opposing" resources. And third, I like the "gaming" influence, but wish that was the focus, rather than being too broad in coverage!