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Math Games for Young Students

Dr. Mike's Math Games for Kids is what it says it is....a website "full of cool math games...for kids to enjoy as they learn."

I do not know who "Dr. Mike" is, except that he claims to have loved math as a kid. In orgainizing this site, he even suggests how they can be used in either a classroom setting or at home...plus explain "why these games help kids love math, why they'll be learning more in hour of play than they possibly could in a whole day of drills."

Be forewarned that the grade level focus is 1-7, but I think many of the grade 6-7 games could be used in higher grades for both practice and exploration (and learning). Some of the key opportunities to browse:

  • The games themselves arranged by suggested grade level
  • Printable Math Games
  • Online Math Games
  • Calculator Games
  • Math Board Games
  • Magic Squares
  • New Games
  • Cool Math Games (base on kids' ratings)
  • Popular Games (by week or year)
You will need to browse and do some playing to find the gems you like or can use.

Also, an interesting observation: For the current year, the most popular games are Online Traffic Jam Game with 134,293 visits and Times Table Charts with 116,692 visits. Now, first, I am impressed that 134,293 "kids" have played the game Online Traffic Jam Game, even though it is an interesting game and actually is a miniversion of a higher-level mathematics problem. BUT, 116,692 visits to either practice or print out times tables. Somehow, I think a few parents have their hands in this figure.