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Mathematical Art, Baseball, Prime Numbers, and Illogic

Last week, I suggested the resource Mathematical Poetry. If you forgot to browse this wesbiste, take some time now....

On that website, Kaz Maslanka recommends some "VisMath" websites. To get you started, a specific example is that of Michael Sussna's Mathemagical Images.

Working in the area of Fractal Digital Imagery, Sussna provides "undiscovered worlds of exotic scenery filled with exquisite shapes in colorful profusion. This journey into the wilds of magical fractal imagery is made possible by and is a reflection of the beauty of mathematics. These intricate designs serve as snapshots capturing panoramas from the limitless uncharted realms of inner space and often feature spirals speaking spiritually to us of infinity." Sussna calls his work "photoreal abstracts."

Begin the journey by exploring Sussna's extensive photo and art galleries....more than 1000 await you! I prefer the "Preview" option, but spent most of my time enjoying the two "Black and White" galleries.

Sussna offers other items besides his art, such as:

  • B.A.S.E.S., a statistical system for evaluating baseball player performance
  • Two articles reflecting his explorations of prime numbers
  • The article "Natural Logic" (1990) which reveals "the ironic illogic of the traditional approach to logic." He then tries to revise our system of logic so that it reflects the way people actually think....His BIG Assumption is that we think logically!
Sussna offers other items as well...he sounds like an interesting and busy individual.