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A Piece of History Many of Us Lived

This week's Mathematician of the Week poses some questions regarding the history of electronic hand-held calculators. Thus, it is only appropriate that a complementary web site be reviewed as well.

The web site of interest is the Vintage Calculators Web Museum. It is a good place to start as it overviews the evolution from mechanical calculators to pocket electronic calculators.

If you enjoy reliving some "experienced" history, some key things to browse are:

  • Descriptions and pictures of vintage mechanical calculators, electronic desktop calculators, and hand-held electronic calculators
  • A survey of calculator companies, especually those significant in the development of electronic calculators
  • Album of more than 1000 photographs of hand-held calculators (and some early advertisements)
  • A special section aimed at collectors of hand-held calculators, originally produced by the now defunct International Association of Calculator Collectors
  • An open call for help regarding missing information for some early hand-held calculators during the 1960s and 1970s
  • A calculator time-line
  • An understandable description of the technology used in mechanical and early electronic calculators
  • The historical development of calculator electronics, from heavyweight desktop machines to inexpensive hand-held calculators
  • Links to a ton of calculator resources
  • And, an unusual FAQ section.
Enjoy the browsing...and for some, you lived part of this history. I remember my first hand-held calculator, it was the .....