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Money In All Forms

Sometimes someone sends me links to web sites that I find interesting, but I am not sure if I should recommend them. That is, can I justify that they somehow connect to mathematics?

For example, B.G. (Bellingham) sent me this link to Amazing Money. Browse it...and I think you will also find it of interest...and perhaps have the same urge to show it to someone else.

This is what awaits you....with some guiding questions or commentary:

  • World's largest bar of gold...what is its current worth?
  • A $10,000 bill or $100,000 bill...ever had either one in your wallet?
  • 50 million pennies...Estimate it's relative size in nickels, dimes, or quarters?
  • A dress made out of $100,000...Bet she is glad they did not use on the above $100,000 bill!
  • Portraits made from pennies...Gives new meaning to "heads"!
  • A pyramid constructed from 289,318 pennies...what would be its current size (and weight?) with 403,135 pennies?
  • A rectangle formed by $1 million dollars using only pennies....If the pennies were re-arranged into a circle, what would be it's diameter?
  • Origami money sculptures....HArd to carry in a wallet!
  • Largest gold nugget or gold coin...guess that nugget was not found while gold panning in a creek!
  • One way to sit on your money!
  • Wall Money or Wall Ceiling (not street)...seems to happen only in pubs!
Have fun exploring these interesting takes on money. And thanks to B.G. for sending this link. If you know of "interesting" links like this, please send them to me for sharing...