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A Puzzle A Day Keeps the Mental Cobwebs Away!

D. D. (CT) sent me the link to this week's website, with the message: "A friend sent this to me this morning. If you have not seen it, I am sure you will enjoy."

He is right. MathPuzzle is a web site that one can enjoy and use. Browse it...and I think you will also find it of interest...and perhaps have the same urge to show it to someone else....this could become a source of chain-weblinks!

Ed Pegg Jr. (Champaign, IL) maintains the web site, which has had over four million "visitors" since its creation. Also, he maintains a recreational mathematics email list (Address on his web site).

So, what did I find of interest on his web site? A few examples:

  • Diverse material seems to be added regularly, including commentary regarding past material. For this past week (2/26/2010), he has added commentary about improvements to the Zone System, the existence of 4x4 kakuro puzzles, a new online puzzle called Diceagons, a lottery type game, a new polyomino dddity, and the project OEDILF (Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form) which intends to write limerick definitions of every English word.
  • On February 4, 2010, he describes MagicTile, a new version of Rubik's Cube, which expands regular polygonal tilings to geometrical surfaces of all three types of constant curvature (positive = spherical, zero = Euclidean, and negative = hyperbolic). He notes that the Rubik's Cube follows from the case of tiling a sphere with "squares," while a heptagonal tiling of the hyperbolic plane results in Klein's Quartic. (2/4/2010)
  • A new solution to the problem of arranging points and lines so that exactly 5 lines go through every point and 5 points are on every line (1/21/2010)
  • And finally, Skytopia's unveiling of a three-dimensional version of the Mandelbrot set. (11/27/2009)
And this represents just a subset of the information on puzzles provided in the last 3 months. On the right side of the home page, you can find an Archive of about nine more years to explore! And if that is not enough, he also provides links to both mathematical games and more puzzle pages. What a great treasure...thanks, D.D....and Ed Pegg Jr.!