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Search for Sanity

Twenty-five years ago, I did not hear discussions about the issue of mathematical sanity...but now, we even have a web site devoted to it. The reason....one perhaps would assume that evidence of mathematical insanity has surfaced! Unfortunately, it has....but things are not that clear-cut or logical.

Everyone knows (if someone doesn't, I doubt they are reading this web site) that mathematics education has become a battle ground of sorts...with people--teachers, administrators, parents, students, media, government leaders, textbooks, websites, YouTube videos, etc.--taking sides and drawing lines in the sand. And unfortunately, these lines often act like walls blocking communication, understanding, and compromise.

One web site that offers a significant amount of material...without getting vocal or issuing ultimatums is Mathematically Sane. The site's goal is to provide both current information and a forum about mathematics education reform...and thereby promote sanity as part of the decision process.

The site offers an analysis of the current issues in mathematics education reform,such as:
  • What's the controversy?
  • What are some of the big issues?
  • Which textbooks are good?
  • What about testing?
  • What are mathematicians saying?
  • The search for a National Curriculum
The site offers evidence of effective mathematics education reform, both research results and case studies:
  • Research on reform curricula
  • Analysis of the research
  • Success stories
The site offers resources to support reform-minded mathematics educators:
  • Helpful articles that can be copied
  • A speaker's kit
  • Summaries of reform documents and research studies
  • The site provides useful information in a sane way...it does not provoke confrontation, call others names, or promote discord. Rather, it promotes mathematical sanity....um...there should be a web site by that name.

    Source: A revision of an Archive review (4/29/2007)