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Lot's of Links

Don't know how...or why...but while browsing, I happened to end up on this page. Hmmm...

If you have not looked, this page provides a plethora of links to things related to mathematics education: organizations, forums, homepages for suggested authorities, and on-line journals. The links will keep you busy exploring, if these things interest you.

Then, I discovered that these links were prepared and offered by the professional organization AMESA--The Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa. I like their appeal: "All who have an interest in the teaching and learning of Mathematics should belong to this dynamic Association."

Maybe I will join, as I love dynamic things! Plus, their publications sound interesting and of value.

So, finally, I wonder how many other gems are like this on the Internet, just waiting for me to accidentally find them. To save me the time and effort necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff, please help me out by sending the "gems" you find helpful....and I will try to share them.