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Some Words of Wisdom

The web site for this week complements the resource for the week. Dan Meyer has become a very popular blogger/tweeter regarding all kinds of issues related to mathematics education. In addition to teaching high school mathematics in the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District , he works part-time for Google.

His blog dy/dan focuses on his specific interests, ranging from curriculum design (responses to "How we design the ideal learning experience for students?") and teacher education (responses to "How do teachers learn?" and "How do we retain more teachers?" and "How do we teach teachers to teach?"). That is an admirable start...

When visiting Dan Meyer's web site, be sure to wander through:

  • His current commentary
  • His many "tagged" categories.
  • His Archives that goes back to September 2006
  • His "delicious" Show and Tell
Though I do not agree with everything he says, I do like and recommend his balanced approach to things...teaching, problem solving, curriculum issues, the Math Wars, and life itself (as he can both laugh at and with himself).