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Read What Students Write

Students need to write more...about mathematics. And, students need to read more mathematics written by other students. Other than the current fad of twitters and blogs, the next best thing is an on-line journal.

The Carthage Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics is a good example. In was begun in 1992, and now offers 17 years of content.

Browse through the journals, stop and read what sounds interesting. Some examples I suggest:

  • Anna Lauren's "Why Do They Not Switch: Game Theory and Behavioral Economics in the Monte Hall Problem" (Volume XVI)
  • Dana Pfanzelter and Sarah Jung's "Deal or No-Deal" (Volume XV)
  • Becky Massey's "Trip to the Big Wheel"
  • Turner King's "The Mathematics of Sudoku" (Volume XV)
  • Daniel Monfre's "Mathematical (Magical!) Cards" (Volume XIV)
  • Brian Nach's "Birthdays, Birthdays, and More Birthdays" (Volume I)
And, if you still have more time and interest to browse, the same on-line journal site offers a Powerpoint Gallery of talks given by Carthage College students at national conferences. Two examples I suggest:
  • Jennifer Everson's "Crafty, Crazy Connections"
  • Sara Jensen's award-winning talk on the game "Set"
Other talks are interesting but one needs to know a significant amount about the mathematical content in order to provide the "words" fleshing out the Powerpoint slides.