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Listen Up...CalcGuy is Speaking....

The web site for this week has a very specific focus: "To provide a place for students, parents, and teachers to learn and teach math with all of the modern tools available to us today." And by tools, the reference implies technology...thus its name.

Tech Powered Math was launched in August, 2010, by the CalcGuy (i.e. Lucas Allen). He supposedly has ten-years of teaching experience at the secondary and college levels.

Though just getting started content-wise, the web site is worth your browse at this time. But, continue to re-visit the web site as new information is added. For now, be sure to check out these resources:

  • Reviews and information specific to calculators, especially the TI-84, TI-89, and TI-nspire
  • Technology-supported lessons in algebra, geometry, trig, pre-calculus, and calculus...remember, this is a start and more lessons will be added!
  • Calculator issues related to standardized exams such as SAT and ACT
  • Fun stuff...which is just that, and has a wide range
  • And a forum, but that is just getting started...become involved yourself at this early stage....provide classroom-based ideas and win a free calculator
Finally, in the FAQ section, CalcGuy offers an interesting response to the question: "Don't these tips and tricks make math too easy? It seems like cheating." Perhaps with resources such as these, eventually more math teachers will realize the power of letting students use calculators to explore mathematics.