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The Sound of Pi Plus

This web site will help get you and your students into the mood for PI Day (March 14). To appreciate the site fully, you need to visit the web site in class so that the site is shown on a screen or monitor your students can see.

Bsically, the site converts the first 10,000 digits of pi into a musical sequence. The quality of the sequence depends on you and your choice of notes.

To start things off, you are asked to pick ten keys on a piano keyboard, with the first key equal to the digit "1," the second key is the digit "2," etc. Then each of these notes is played in sequence that corresponds to the first 10,000 digits of Pi.

The effect is interesting visually and musically, with the immediate response seeming to be: Let me try that again! To begin the composition of your "Opus to Pi," turn to Avoision. And while there, you might explore the other creative options (textual, musical, visual) linked at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, they have nothing to do with mathematics...directly.

An Additional Note: A Pi-ano version of Pi is available as well....or even an explantion of a Pi-Piece...or even the use of music to memorize Pi's digits...or an explantion underlying the creation of the full Pi symphony (once there, click on links to listen to First and Second movements).