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Welcome, Walpha Wiki

Approximately one year ago, I discussed the release of Wolfram Alpha (or Walpha), a "computational knowledge engine."

Since that time, a free on-line version has been available. I have dabbled some, but not consistently. Maybe you have done more.

The hype has now subsided. People are getting more practical in their assessments of its value, especially as an aide for doing or learning mathematics.

Derek Bruff (Vanderbilt University) is spearheading the effort to create the collaborative website Walpha Wiki to document and discuss how secondary and undergraduate math teachers use Walpha in their classrooms, both as a learning tool used by students and an instructional tool used by teachers.

Why not sign up....And become an active, contributing member (free sign-up and a common interest in Walpha are all that is needed).

Though the website is just getting started, it has the potential to grow and be useful.

Note: BEWARE...is the suggestion of one respected reader of this website...The specific suggestion and concerns: "Website walpha wiki is a pile of c***. Did you go through it? I would definitely NOT recommend to anyone. Bunch of advertising. Tutors. Lousy stuff here. Please read and then remove from your website."