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Baseball Statistics...Up Close and Personal

Spring has arrived. The baseball season has arrived. And with it, arguments are re-kindled as to which player is best, is destined to succeed, or is over-rated.

The web site UberFan.com is a tool that can play a role in either defusing or fueling these arguments. Plus, to a baseball fan, the website can be both fun and useful.

UberFan.com claims that it gives "Fans Ownership of Major League Baseball Stats." An interesting concept! Once registered (free account), you submit Major League Baseball games of interest...at a local ballpark or on media. Then, Uberfan.com will gather the statistics related to those games, automatically tracked via personal profiles. Then, you can filter, view, or analyze the statistics anyway you want.

One option is to compare the statistics of a particular team or player in those games to that team or player's overall statistics. Plus, you can build cummulative data.

UberFan.com builds on fans' love of baseball statistics. Leonard Koppett, in A Thinking Man's Guide to Baseball (1967), suggests that "Statistics are the lifeblood of baseball. In no other sport are so many available and studied so assiduously by participants and fans. Much of the game's appeal, as a conversation piece, lies in the opportunity the fan gets to back up opinions and arguments with convicting figures."