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Plus Earns A +

Aimed at converting a combined audience of students and teachers, Plus is a bi-monthly e-zine that tries to reveal the beauty and practical applications of mathematics. As the producers of Plus contend, "A lot of people don't have a very clear idea what "real" math[ematic]s consists of, and often they don't realise how many things they take for granted only work because of a generous helping of it. Apparently, some people even have the idea that it's boring! Weird. Anyway, we hope that even if you're such a person now, you won't be after looking through one or two issues of Plus...."

The format of Plus includes:

  • Feature articles describing applications of mathematics to real-world problems, games, and puzzles;
  • Reviews of popular mathematics books and events;
  • News section that shows how recent news stories were often based on some underlying piece of mathematics that never made it to the newspapers;
  • A mathematical puzzle for readers to sharpen their wits against;
  • Interviews with people in mathematics-related career, showing the wide range of uses mathematics gets put to in the real world;
  • A lucky dip of mathematical curiosities;
  • Opinions on various mathematics-related topics and news stories.
Plus is produced by by Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas as part of the Millennium Mathematics Project, a UK initiative based in Cambridge.

To illustrate the richness of the e-zine, the current issue (#37) of Plus has articles on:

  • Gregory Chaitin, his new number Omega, and Kurt Gödel;
  • Carla Farsi, mathematical artist extrodinaire;
  • Using mathematics to fight crime;
  • Einstein as a pop icon;
  • The mathematics calculations underlying airfares;
  • Interview with a Trinidad mathematics teacher.
  • Mathematics in the news--December 2005
If only our National Council of Teachers of Mathematics followed suit and made its e-zine On-Math available at no cost to the general public....then people (including many NCTM members) would know about it and its offerings.