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Graeme McRae ...A Man I would Like to Meet Someday

Home-grown web sites (i.e. not run by vendors) are fun to browse...and sometimes you find some neat treasures. My example this week was created by Graeme McRae, a computer programmer now working for Paramount Pictures. However, since he was a young boy, Graeme has had a passion for mathematics.

Graeme's web site Math Help is exactly as advertised...plus! His primary goal was to provide "tips and techniques for sixth grade math through high school...."

First, he offers his turtoring services to anyone...free of charge, though admittedly it is difficult to do so via e-mail. But, I like his attitude and willingness to share his enjoyment for mathematics.

Second, he has written tutorial pages for multiple areas, and it is possible to find some good ideas enbedded in his comments. Though his content is not comprehensive, he has picked up on many of the big ideas:

  • Basic Math
  • Basic Algebra
  • Sets, Set theory, Number systems Procedures
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Extrema and Linear Programming
  • Sequences and Series
  • Number Theory
  • Counting
  • Inequalities
  • Statistics
  • Physics
Also, he shares some Math Jokes, but on the order that only Math Majors will appreciate. The section I like the most were his Math Puzzles. They are rich puzzles and build on the Math Help he has provided. The majority of the puzzles (some old classics) are aimed at mathematics taught as the upper end of high school. They are worth your exploring....

He also provides links to other web sites that perhaps go into more detail (e.g. an online calculus text)...but I like his more selective approach.

Finally, his section on unsolved problems was interesting...and you see further evidence of Graeme's passion for mathematics. I commend him for keeping a mathematical interest throughout his life...as he is a model of how mathematics can be a fulfilling hobby!