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The MAA (i.e. Mathematical Association of America) offers a great on-line e-zine known as Convergence: Where Mathematics, History and Teaching Interact.

Convergence is designed to be both an information resource and a forum for mathematics teachers at either the secondary level or college level. Specific offerings on the site are:

  • Expository articles dealing with the history of mathematical topics, each accopanied by a discussion group
  • Translations of original sources, with commentary about the associated context
  • Reviews of books, articles, teaching aids, and websites pertinent to teaching mathematics
  • Classroom suggestions
  • Historical problems
  • What Happened Today in History?
  • Quotation of the day
  • Calendar of relevant meetings
The editors for this website--Victor Katz and Frank swetz--are both highly-regarded mathematicains specializing in the history of mathematics.

Access to the e-zine Convergence is currently free to anyone...but you need to register first. It is worth it....sign in today...sign in often...and find the information you need to make mathematics come alive in your classroom!