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The Singing Banana

A rather odd website to discuss....The Singing Banana. Evidence is a series of YouTube Videos from a "mathematician, juggler and comedy nerd - but not necessarily in that order."

James Grime )aka The Singing Banana) went to York university, studied permuations and combinatorics, the mathematics of shuffling, representing mathematics through pictures and diagrams, and cryptography. He now works for Cambridge University and the Millennium Mathematics Project.

You need to browse his videos to make your own decision as to usefulness. Some samples are:

One of James' goals is to "explain to kids and general audiences why he love his maths so much, to challenge some of the public's misconceptions, and to explain why he considers it a beautiful subject in a way that is closer to an art." For more on this, watch his video Why I Do Maths. He also has a blog, a twitter following, and a public FaceBook.

Part of my interest in his videos is to browse the feedback he gets. It seems there is a large world waiting out there, primed for someone to show them how "maths" can be fun or interesting. Why doesn't this occur more in classrooms?