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There Are Pdf's Lurking Everywhere!

The website for this week is an odd resource to suggest. That is, it contains some useful information, some non-useful, and overall, sheds light on how others teach mathematics.

The website is called the PdfGenie, with the given link referring to a search for "culture mathematics." Basically, the list provides links to Pdfs that provide information on all aspects of the culture of mathematics, including culture and mathematics. For example, I found the link Rich Learning Tasks: Changing the Culture of the Mathematics interesting and informative. But, it is best to browse on your own.

PdfGenie is a Google-based search service specific to finding PDF documents. A nice feature is its use "PDFMeNot tech," allowing you to quickly view a Pdf document without loading Adobe Reader....just click on the magnifying glass.

For the record, some searches that I found helpful were:

  • Mathematics problem (or test or exam)
  • Algebra problem (or test or exam)
  • Geometry problem (or test or exam)
  • Trigonometry problem (or test or exam)
  • Probability problem (or test or exam)
  • Statistics problem (or test or exam)
  • Precalculus problem (or test or exam)
  • Calculus problem (or test or exam)
  • Problem solving
  • Creative mathematics
  • Teaching mathematics
  • Learning mathematics
  • Problem solving
  • Mathematics History
In fact, every combination I tried produced some interesting documents...and led to many hours of browsing. Hope you find some gems!