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Little Web-Barrels of Fun

Past columns have reviewed websites that provide interesting tons of ideas. Often, these websites have been suggested by friends of MathNEXUS. Yet, sometimes, these same friends send in ideas of neat things on the web, that are not necessarily full-blown websites. Or, I discover them in off-hand ways.

To illustrate, consider the following three items. Each is interesting in its own way.

First, M.S. (WWU) sent in a link with the note "A friend who is a high school math teacher on Orcas showed me this proof for the Pythagorean Theorem. I thought it was pretty neat. Check it out if you get a chance." So, I checked it out...and ask you to do the same: Proof of Pythagorean Theorem. Note, the unexpected but unfortunately truthful name (perhaps) for the gif in the URL: "why-couldnt-i-have-been-shown-this-in-maths-class."

The second is a web site suggested in a small note on a page of The New York Times. The note provided a link to a on-line dynamic version of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Game. After playing the game (Novice or Veteran) multiple times, you may even want to research the various strategiesvarious strategies for playing the game...or even improve on this mathematics lesson so the game can be shared "constuctively" with students.

And, third....want to get swarmed by mathematical twitters? If so, sign up with Republic of Math. Originating in Massachusetts, the group offer "Mathematics of the people, for the people, by the people: encouraging mathematical happiness." The group has offered about 7000 tweets and claims to have about 7000 followers. I see a pattern here... Note: I have not signed up as a follower of the group, though I have snuck looks at some of the twitters listed on the above website. So, if that is your thing...and you want to show the world that someone cares enough to sent you a text, then....

These are three samples of weblinks that alone did not deserve sole mention...but collectively, have perhaps enriched your day! If you can suggest others, please send the links to me so that they can be shared.