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YouTube Without the Junk

You probably have experienced the same problem. You find a great video on YouTube (or elsewhere) that you would like to show it to your students...or possibly have them look at it on their own. But, when you view the video, it is surrounded by inappropriate content, questionable links, and a multitude of ads. So, what to do?

VuSafe to the rescue...I think! VuSafe is a FREE website that serves as a "parking area" for your favorite videos. Any video you find can be stored on their site, and then you or students can watch that video minus the unrelated and negative distractions.

Every video can be tagged with a subject area and key words for easy reference. Plus, through its developing "VuSafe community" model, you can search and view videos stored by other teachers. And did I say this servicve is FREE!

Again, its VuSafe to the rescue...I think! Why the disclaimer? First, VuSafe has just started; in fact, it is currently in a beta-test mode and will not have a full public launch until later in April. So, I suggest you give it try...watch the opening video and read the FAQs available on the website. I think I am going to give it a try once it is active. If it works, then great as it will meet a felt need.

One concern for some of you. If you teach in a sitution where your school uses filtering software, the video site (e.g. YouTube) will have to be unblocked, which could create additional problems. In fact, this is why VuSafe is marketed as M86VuSafe...if your school just happens to use M86 Security filtering software, then this unblocking process can be avoided. Ah...the catch!

A final note: The web filter provided by Lightspeed Systems offers a comparable option of showing YouTube videos without the undesireable content (e.g. links, ads). But, I have not tried their services (no access to Lightspeed Systems), so I cannot comment on or make further comparisons.