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Wikipedia Fun

Some web sites are odd throughout...others are normal but include some odd information. The Wikipedia (or Free Encyclopedia) fits the latter case. Before turning to the web site of focus, take this small test. What are the meanings of these measurements (they are genuine):

  • One Belguim
  • One Bible vs. One Truckload of Books
  • One Cigarette
  • One Distance
  • Two Gilettes
  • One Happy
  • Fifty Hobo Power
  • One KLOC
  • One Koskenkorva Bottle
  • One Morgan
  • One Pikotuki
  • One Pinkwater
  • One Poronkusema
  • One Potrzebie
  • One Siriometer
  • One Smoot
  • One Sydharb
  • One Warhol
  • One Hogshead
Now, turn to the the Wikipedia entry on Unusual Measurements to see how you did.