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Bad Math, Good Math...Commands to a Mathematical Dog?

Not sure how I found this website...but once found, I had to spend some time visiting it. Intended as a science blog, focus on its special section "Bad Math, Good Math".

The sub-heading is even better: "Finding the fun in good math, squashing bad math and the fools who promote it." This certainly captured my interest.

The blog is posted by Mark Chu-Carroll, who works for Google as a Software Engineer. It includes commentary on the sciences, humanities, education, politics, medicine, technology, and information science. However, I am only suggesting the "Bad Math, Good Math" content.

Consider these examples to get a taste...to avoid being offended, be aware that the blog author has strong opinions:

  • More Stupid Graphs
  • What is Math
  • Basics: Innumeracy
  • Idiot Math Professors, Fractions, and the Fun of Math
  • Lottery Probabilities and Clueless Reporters
  • The Continuum Hypothesis Solved: All Infinities are the Same? Nope.
  • The Surprises Never End: The Ulam Spiral of Primes
  • Sorry, Denise - but God didn't make numbers
  • You can't write that number; in fact, you can't write most numbers.
  • Understanding Non-Euclidean Hyperbolic Spaces - With Yarn!
  • Hope you can find the time to read some of these blogs...and the subsequent reader commentaries as well.