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Making Math Fun....Only $8

Robert Greenlee teaches mathematics and computer science at Wheaton Warrenville South High School in Wheaton, Illinois. Robert Greenlee also seems to be an entrepreneur.

He coordinates the website Making Math Fun, which offers "fun math games, worksheets." And if you like these items, then you might be tempted to order his CD which includes 800 "fun math games, worksheets, PowerPoints, and teacher resources."

So, what does one find on the website that might be tempting? Obviously, the response will vary with every teacher--their needs, pedagogical style, and view of mathematics itself.

Some possibilities to consider:

  • Thirteen magic tricks involving arithmetic and algebra
  • Some humor...and some things disguised as humor (e.g. puns)
  • Some questionable items (Mom's Proof, Pythagorean Tales)
  • Twelve proofs on the order of 0 = 1
  • Jeopardy Geometry as a model
  • Some adaptable worksheets involving logs and exponentials
  • Some worksheets that have nothing to do with mathematics--slogans, Decipher the Phrase
  • Some problems, visual puzzles, and games
  • Occupations worksheet that will prompt some "groans"
  • Modern vs Old Math terms...may provoke some discussions
  • Plus more
A side note. Be aware that almost everything available on this website is available somewhere else. That is, the materials and ideas usually are not unique to Greenlee. In some of the Conference Presentations he offers as downloads on the Internet, Greenlee does often give credit to certain sources or people...which is good.

Caveat: You may or may not like what is available on the suggested web site. If not, then do not pay the $8 for his CD....but at least you may have picked up some things of value from his "downloads" for Free!