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Wave Me Into Fascination

Bob Robinson (well-known mathematics educator in the Seattle-area) sent me a link to a video, along with a cryptic omment: "A Pendulum Any Engineer Could Love."

After looking at the video multiple times, I became fascinated with it...even though I am not an engineer. In fact, I suggest that anyone who watches this video will walk away with the words "Why?" or "How does it do that?"

Starring "Alan", the video The Pendulum Waves was produced at Harvard as part of their Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstration. Patterns...Randomness...Predictability....Change!

I find the video fascinating. If you want to know why it works, consider Harvard's Accompanying Explanation. But, in a way, the explanations of the underlying science and mathematics (e.g. harmonic motion, periodic motion, quantum revival, aliasing) seem to not do justice to the visual phenomena!