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Statistics In Motion

Thanks to MJ (Bellingham) who passed these two video links on to me. Both show Swedish academic Hans Rosling graphically illustrating global development over the last 200 years. The videos speaks for themselves....so the less I say the better.

First, enjoy 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes. As MJ noted, the video involves a logarithmic horizontal axis, that can deceive viewers in terms of what the growth of the data actually looks like.

Now, watch this TED video where the animated Rosling debunks our myths about the "developing world." He is a fascinating speaker, who speaks and thnks quickly.

If only we could make statistics in both our math classes and our lives this interesting and useful...or per one comment regarding the TED Video, make "the data talk, sing and dance!" Hint...see this week's Resource Review!!