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Finding Mathematics in a Suitcase of Dreams

Interesting websites abound, with sometimes the mathematical connections found as odd add-ons. This week's website is such an animal.

Suitcase of Dreams claims to focus on Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Research, Database Design, Programming, Graphics, Exclusive Web Design...plus offers some free stuff: Graphics, Web Templates, and Educational Freeware. And you ask, is that all?

In the Mathematical World portion of the website, I suggest browsing the following:

  • Mathematical Paradoxes
  • Script Calculators...for example, in the N! Calculator, I suggest you try 6!, 6.2!, 0.5!, e!, (-2)! and (-3.5)!. Now, what does all this mean...is it correct?
  • Interesting Facts in Mathematics (could be much more extensive)
  • And if interested, explore the tutorial on complex numbers...you need to know calculus and be motivated
I know...this is all somewhat disconnected. But, if you visit the website, you may find something of value.

If nothing else, the owner and developer of the Suitcase of Dreams web site has a PhD in Applied Mathematics, and will do mathematical modeling and mathematical research for you at the reasonable rate of $45 per hour. The guarantee: "The highest quality in all branches of mathematics."