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Ancient and Classical Mathematics

Many web sites on the history of mathematics are available...so why would I suggest this one...quite bland with no graphics (not even the graphics shown on this page)? Especially since this web site is the syllabus for a college course!

First, it's focus is ancient and classical mathematics. That is, from the time of the Babylonians to that of the Greeks. By focusing on this "small" range of history, it can actually do that...focus...rather than try to be comprehensively thin.

Second, the web site provides some great links to other sites that go into textual, visual, historical, cultural, and mathematical details. It is up to you to browse fully, as the linked websites often provide more links...and the sense of a rich history for this period grows!

And third, since the web site is a syllabus, it provides daily outlines of lessons that guide your study of ancient and classical mathematics. All accessible at your own pace.

My thanks to Professor Duncan J. Melville (Mathematics Professor at St Lawrence University) for providing this on-line resource Ancient and Classical Mathematics. .