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Take a Walk Through MIT Blossoms

The MIT BLOSSOMS Initiative is a collaboration of international partners committed to enhancing STEM education throughout the world. The original BLOSSOMS partners with MIT were universities from Jordan and Pakistan.

An undelying premise for BLOSSOMS is the belief that "students exposed to educational content from other countries will become aware of those cultures in a positive light, experiencing aspects of the cultures not often seen in the news."

BLOSSOMS' primary function is to provide free interactive videos for classroom use by high school STEM teachers. Avoiding tedious talking-head lectures, the videos provide short video segments, each trying to engage students in active learning.

The videos are from biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, and mathematics. Some samples I suggest you start with are:

  • The Physics of Pool
  • The Mathematics of Voting
  • Optimizing Your Diet: What Linear Programming Can Tell You!
  • Guess the Last Ball: An Exercise in Mathematical Modeling
  • Is Bigger Better? A Look at a Selection Bias that Is All Around Us
  • The Mathematics of Cryptography
  • The Pythagorean Theorem: Application and Proof
  • The Science of Soap Bubbles
  • Taking Walks, Delivering Mail: An Introduction to Graph Theory
  • Flu Math Games
  • Flaws of Averages
  • Are Random Triangles Acute or Obtuse?
  • Fabulous Fractals and Difference Equations
  • The Broken Stick Experiment: Triangles, Random Numbers and Probability
You can download the FREE video lessons for use in your classroom. Each 50-minute lesson includes video segments, a teacher’s guide, downloadable hand-outs and a list of additional resources. The goal is to provide motivating, exciting, real-world, well-founded lessons that "engage students in problem solving and critical thinking, helping students build the kind of gut knowledge that comes from hands-on experience.

The Teacher’s Guide Video Segment provides an overview for each lesson, while the video's final segment becomes a one-on-one conversation between you and a “virtual teacher.” The latter discusses the learning objectives underlying the lesson (state or common core standards-based) and offers suggestions for integrating engaging in-class activities between video segments.

Additional BLOSSOMS elements are a list of upcoming topics for videos, opportunity to suggest video topics, the option of joining their on-line community, additional on-line resources, and an overview of the partnerships involved.

Browse...use...and find the video lessons you find of value...then repeat sequence!