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Do You Have a Brain? Prove It!

BrainDen claims it is the "right place" to "test your logic skills and have fun." It also offers some advice: "Is there a riddle stuck in your brain, and you cannot solve it? Be happy! It is a positive proof that you have a brain."

Recreational options offered are:

  • Brain Teasers and Riddles
  • Geometry Puzzles
  • Matchstick Puzzles
  • Algebra Problems
  • Best Puzzles
  • Famous Paradoxes
  • Optical Illusions
  • Brain Games
  • General
I became interested in BrainDen via a problem of the day that it offers as a Google Gadget. I have used several of these problems on the MathNEXUS website, and more will be used in the future. Also, when time allows, I find it interesting to just browse through its problem sets and view comments.

BrainDen also offers a FREE New Puzzles Forum, replete with challenging problems posted by our subscribers. New puzzles are added daily for your solving pleasure...plus you can pose your own favorites.

My concern: Little information is provided as to who runs the website and determines its content. The Forum seems to be well-moderated, however.