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Need to Learn or Re-Learn Something?

A previous week on MathNEXUS include a review of MIT Open Courseware. Now, I want to expand these options.

Online College Classes (do a search as they will not allow me to include a link) is a new project aimed at making all aspects of Open Course Ware and its associated FREE educational resources available in a user-friendly manner.

The group (who?) has organized available content and materials topic and source. Their ultimate goal is to "mesh" everything-- podcasts, video lectures, ebooks, online classes, and Open Course Ware--in an easily accessible nammer and offer it on a single website.

With mathematics as a subcategory, the key organizers are:

  • Online Classes
  • Open Courseware
  • Textbooks and ebooks
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Language Instruction
  • Archives and Directories (to save you time!)
  • Research and Writing (which in mathematics becomes how to better read a math textbook and other study skills
Though divided by subject matter within each organizer, it still will take you considerable time (an understatement!) to investigate the options available via this website...and determine what is valuable or useful to your specific needs. Be aware that its focus is the college or university level...but perhaps a similar website eventually will be created for secondary students/teachers.

You might want to include a browse of the associated blog. It tries to comment on both pertinent resources of academic knowledge, while also detailing methods of researching and learning for teachers and students.

Finally, my concerns. First, no information is available as to who operates and funds this website. This lack of open information always raises suspicions as to underlying motives. And second, I found no evidence of quality control. That is, a myriad of materials and resources are compiled and presented in an organized order, but it becomes a "buyer's beware" situation regarding the variability in quality.