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Another A-Research B-Log C-It Now!

In the past, I have suggested a variety of blogs, some even with continued merit. It is time to add another blog to this list, also with merit.

The suggested website is The Cheap Researcher: Technology and Mathematics in Teacher Education--and Other things That Might Be of Interest. After reading several of the blog entries, I would add that it is the result of a "teacher-as-researcher" trying to make sense of his field.

The creator and author of the blog is Oeistein Gjoevik, who works within teacher education at the university college in Sør-Trøndelagan (Norway). On his About page, Gjoevik adds that his primary interest has always been "the teaching and learning of mathematics, perhaps even more interesting to me than the mathematics content in itself." Interesting...as I often wonder whether such can be separated?

By browsing this web site, you should find many things of interest or relevance. The content and comments range K-12, but seem to focus on the secondary level...from an international perspective. For example, on my last sample of his home page, Gjoevik had shared thoughts related to:

  • A review of Mike Ollerton's 100 Ideas for Teaching Mathematics
  • GeoGebra explorations of a neat geometric problem that also involves gcd and lcms
  • Reflections on Paul Lockhart's Mathematician's Lament
  • GeoGebra explorations of Pythagorean Spirals
  • Reflections on a comic book called Logicomix...which follows a Bertrand Russell lecture about his life and philosophies.
  • Polish Hand Magic (a multiplication trick)
These topics are just a sample, as Gjoevik has an Archive stretching back to 2006. By browsing, you will learn and find content of interest.