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We Use(d) Math Today...But What About Tomorrow?

Mathematics teachers teach mathematics...but do they "use" mathematics? Perhaps this is symtomatic of mathematics teachers' difficult handling the student question: Why?

Created by the BYU Mathematics Department, the web site We Use Math was established to help answer this same student question. In addition to describing the importance of mathematics, the web site catalogs the rewarding career opportunities open to students who study mathematics.

Other sections of the website:

  • Overview of salary figures associated with "users" of mathematics...and yes, teachers are included to bring the averages down. The section includes 45+ links for the speciifc careers discussed.
  • A blog that discusses uses of mathematics. I only wish that its entries were more regular, as it gives the impression that uses of mathematics are rare.
  • A "forum" on How to Succeed in Mathematics. Though relevant, its suggestions are quite generic and surface-level....none give that "Gee, I never thought of doing that...!"
  • The section "Did You Know" seems to be a miscellanous category, with the best part being the sublink "Tidbits"
  • "Resources for Teachers" ranges from free resources, t-shirts, a nine-problem forum (with few responses unfortunately...someone needs to prime the pump!)...and a "Teachers Forum" that is embarassing due to its lack of monitoring!)
  • Overall the website is a great idea and could prove very useful....BUT, the contributing staff behind the website need to give it regular attention. Why? Because the use of mathematics is dynamic and constantly changing, not static as indirectly implied by this website.

    In sum, anyone who teachers or learns mathematics can find this website useful..by searching around through its confusing content. Alas, your visit may be a one-time visit, once you find the info you needed.